The spate of serious fires experienced now in Nigeria at an alarming frequency coupled with the absence of any adequate form of fire attack from the public services emphasizes the individual need for self-sufficiency in the area of fire safety.

TOWERSHIELD LIMITED designs, markets, installs and maintains fire safety systems in all kinds of facilities, offshore platforms, Gas Turbines, Petrochemical sites, Power stations, Industrial / Commercial property, Hazardous chemical storage sites, Marine vessels, Transformers etc.

Our services in this area include but not limited to the following:

  1. Fire Extinguishers
  2. Water Hose Reels
  3. Sprinklers
  4. Fixed Fire Detection/Suppression System eg Fm200, Co2,
  5. Fire Prevention: Fire can’t take place in the protected Area
  6. Alarm Systems- Conventional & Addressable
  7. Fire Hydrant Systems
  8. Foam System
  9. Fire Fighting Apparels
  10. Fire Drills / Training
  11. Fire Fighting Chemicals
  12. Fire Engines
  13. Fire Pumps
  14. Fire Audit and Surveys


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