Accidents don’t just happen; they are most times caused by poor safety practices. The primary objective of every corporate organization used to be profit-making regardless of dangers to both man and environment.  However, in the last three decades, it has become imperative that every organization takes adequate measures to protect both its personnel and equipment from dangerous work practices that lead to untold loss of men and material.  This has consequently led to all companies ensuring proper HSE programs.

TOWERSHIELD supplies, install and maintain safety equipment to guarantee the safety of personnel and equipment.

Our services in this line include but not limited to the following:

  1. Lightning Arrestor
  2. Surge Protector
  3. Queue Management System
  4. Safety Boots, Helmets
  5. Personal Protection Equipment
  6. Confined Space management
  1. Luminescent Directional Signage
  2. Rescue Equipment
  3. Radiation Safety Services
  4. Traffic Control / Parking System
  5. Lockout System
  6. Industrial Safety Training
  7. Emergency Evacuation Procedures

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