The need to ensure life and property are well secured from danger, theft and vandalization/sabotage in any establishment cannot be over-emphasized.

Advancement in technology has improved the way man watches over his life and property. The introduction of international terrorism into our everyday living and the ever presence of restive communities in our work environments have brought out new ways of preventing/fighting danger.

To this end, TOWERSHIELD supplies, installs and maintains the following systems/equipment:

  1. Closed Circuit Television- Conventional & IP
  2. Intrusion Detection System
  3. Central Alarm Monitoring/ Surveillance System
  4. Perimeter Protection
  5. Security Road Blocker
  6. Walk Through/ Metal Detector
  7. Anti Robbery Security Booths
  8. Body Armour
  9. Bullet/Fire Resistant Doors
  10. Access Control Systems
  1. Vehicle Security/Tracking System
  2. X-Ray Scanner
  3. Personal Identification Equipment
  4. Public Safety System
  5. Explosive Trace Detectors

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